Trains direct from London to Bordeaux, Frankfurt and Geneva

With the growing demand for high-speed train routes between the UK and the mainland European destinations, passengers could soon be able to travel directly from London to Bordeaux, Frankfurt and Geneva.

London to Bordeaux Direct by Train

London to Bordeaux by Train

Bordeaux by Train (pixabay)

The current train journey time between London to Bordeaux is five hours and 25 minutes. Plus, passengers are required to catch a connecting train in Paris.

But, proposals have been put forward to remove the need for the connection change, reducing the journey time.

The market for a direct train service between London to Bordeaux is underpinned by the 1.2 million plane passengers who travel this route every year. Eurostar has discussed this route in the past, but logistical concerns surrounding border controls have slowed progress.

There are four rail firms in both England and France that are joining up to develop the route. If delivered, it would provide London with a new high-speed line between Tours and Bordeaux. Services could be delivered by Eurostar or another operator from as early as 2020.

London to Frankfurt and Geneva Direct by Train

London to Frankfurt by Train

Frankfurt by Train (pixabay)

One of the companies involved in developing the route is HS1 Ltd. Dyan Crowther, the Chief Executive of HS1 Ltd, stated: “As we’ve seen with the recent introduction of the Eurostar London-Amsterdam service, there’s a real demand for international train services to provide a comfortable and better-connected service, especially for leisure journeys.

HS1 Ltd is looking to develop direct fast speed train routes from London to Frankfurt and Geneva. To Frankfurt would take five hours and 30 minutes, with the Geneva route taking slightly longer at five hours and 40 minutes.

Currently, due to the need to catch connecting trains, the journey to either city takes around six hours and 30 minutes. The return leg in both cases takes slightly longer, due to security checks in Brussels or Paris.

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London to Geneva Direct by Train
Geneva Direct by Train (pixabay)


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