Guest blog: The White Isle – Ibiza for everyone

We’ve teamed up with Tristian over at The White Isle for this weeks destination of the week: Ibiza. Tristian frequently visits Ibiza with his family, so, who better than to give us some inside information?!

Almost everyone has heard of Ibiza, this little island in the Mediterranean is famous for its nightlight and clubbing. However, Ibiza isn’t only for party goers, Ibiza is for everyone.
Only a 2-hour flight away from the UK, this island offers the perfect getaway. Plus – sun, sea and sand; what’s not to love?
Sunset, Ibiza
Sunset, Ibiza

Dalt Vila

The capital Ibiza Town (Evissa), hosts an impressive fortress (Dalt Vila), which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1999. This international award acknowledges Ibiza ’s historical, cultural, and architectural value. Plus, it is the best preserved coastal fortress in the Mediterranean.
Dalt vila, Ibiza
Dalt vila, Ibiza
Dalt Vila’s acropolis is filled with alleys and monuments, such as the castle and the cathedral. So, it has been a cultural crossover for centuries. The fortress’ environment is the stage for concerts, poetic performances, exhibitions, and cultural activities all year round, making it a cultural mecca for the island.


If you want something even more relaxing then look no further than the beaches of Ibiza, which are some of the most beautiful in Europe. Thanks to the oceanic Posidonia on the seabeds, they boast turquoise, transparent waters. Meanwhile, Formentera, Ibiza’s smaller sister island, is described as the Caribbean of the Med.
Here, you can sunbathe, take long romantic strolls, or explore the diverse marine life beneath the waves. Alternatively, explore the wide range of watersports available on the surface. Formentera this is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and enjoy the beauty of the ocean.
Ibiza Beach
The people of the island are the most hospitable you will find, with a carefree attitude.  You will find that Ibiza may not only lure you in with its landscape, climate, and people but, also because Ibiza offers top-notch gastronomy, across the whole island. So, you can find delicious delicacies whether you’re beside the beach, in the historic Dalt Vila, in the middle of the countryside, or simply beneath the starry sky.
Being an island, fresh fish is the order of the day at many restaurants, but, the island also hosts exquisite island reared lamb and the freshest fruit and vegetables. And, all this comes alongside the traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, to be enjoyed by everyone.

Wines & liquor

With the influences of the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, the Ibizan wine has a distinctive heritage. And, with several small vineyards producing a range of wines today, and with all those years of knowledge packaged in one delicious bottle, then why not take a vineyard tour?
Something you simply must try is the local liquor, Heirbas, which is steeped in tradition.  Originally produced by monks, who created the first aniseed-flavoured spirit drink, the incredible flavour is obtained by extracting the essences of several plants on the island. Also, expect to find notes of rosemary, thyme and mint, as well as peppermint, juniper, sage, fennel, lavender, and lemon and orange tree leaf.

Hippy Market

Since the 1930s, Ibiza has become a peaceful destination for some avant-garde European artists, who were forced to run away from authoritarian regimes. And, on the island, they found a primitive space that allowed them to unleash their creativity.  In the 60s and 70s, the American hippies who wanted to get away from fighting the Vietnam War discovered Ibiza.
But, many are still on the island today. So you will find several hippy markets scattered throughout the island. They overflow with stalls selling hippy fashion handcrafted items: pottery, exotic musical instruments, original costume jewellery. It’s a truly cosmopolitan and multicultural collection of items.
Hippy Market, Ibiza
Hippy Market


Plus, Ibiza has several art galleries located in different towns around the island. Each one has its own personal style, and they exhibit the work of internationally renowned artists.
Of course, Ibiza also has its nightlife. This ranges from secluded bars perched on the cliffs, overlooking the stunning sunset, all the way to the world-renowned super clubs that host the worlds greatest DJs night after night.
Additionally, it also holds its values and traditions. So, throughout the year there are many festivals celebrating these traditions, with dancing and music. These are a true spectacle to enjoy.
Ibiza Sunset
So, next time someone mentions the white isle as just a party island for the young you can reliably inform them that it is for everyone and offers so much more than that.
To find out more about the diverse island of Ibiza, perfect for a short break or longer stay, check out thewhiteisle.co.uk.


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