Being one of the UK’s most culturally and historically significant cities, York has a great deal to offer families. For a 2 day trip, it may be worthwhile to consider getting a YorkCard, which gives you discounted entry to many of the city’s most popular attractions. Here are 5 suggestions of activities that all of the family can enjoy in the charming city of York.

A quick guide of 5 things for families to do in York


Explore This Medieval City

Explore Medieval York Wall


Explore this Medieval city: The city centre is surrounded by an incredible medieval wall, which you can walk on top of to circle the city and take in the stunning views. This unmissable part of seeing York is completely free of charge. Dotted along the walls are numerous lovely cafes to take the kids in if they demand ice cream! There are also many guided walking tours on offer which explore the Walls and other areas of York.


Castle Museum

York Castle Museum


Enjoy the York Castle Museum: This is one of the most popular attractions in the city and is well worth a couple of hours of your trip. The ground floor of the museum has been made into a Victorian shopping street, which is always a firm favourite of children. All of the shops are fully stocked with their wares and character actors roam the street, making the street feel genuinely Victorian. On higher floors, there are even more exhibitions to see, such as WWI, a prison, fashion and chocolate.


The Shambles

 The Shambles of York


See The Shambles of York: Being the official ‘most picturesque street in Britain’, this street of timber-framed shops is a large part of the cities charm. Walking down this magical street is like taking a step back in time to the Medieval time in which it was built. But that’s not to say that it is any less bustling now. An adventure down the Shambles is not one to be missed, it’s sure to spark the imaginations of children and adults alike.


York Minster

York Minster


Marvel at York Minster: The Minister is a world-famous architectural and creative masterpiece, built between 1220 and 1470. It offers everyone a wealth of things to see and learn, regardless of age. You can discover the Minster’s fascinating history in the Undercroft, Treasury and Crypt. Kids can really be the king of the castle at the top of the Central Tower, where you can gaze out beyond the gargoyles of the Minster, to the medieval streets of historic York and the surrounding countryside.


Yorks Chocolate Story

York's Chocolate Story


Take the Tastiest Tour Ever: What’s not to love about a museum of chocolate? From its roots as an Inca spiced coca drink right to today’s vast array of yummy treats, this museum is an interactive tour which tells the story of chocolate’s history and York’s involvement in it. Each room includes something to taste, much to everyone’s delight! At the end of the tour, children can make their own chocolate lollipop to take home with them (or more likely: to demolish within a few minutes!)


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